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Winter Wonderland Charity Album – 2014

The The Winter Wonderland Charity Album is ready!!

Check out and pre order your copy – all proceeds to UNICEF UK . Well done and thank you everyone who contributed!
Annmarie Hughes
Amanda Williams
A Short Dark Stranger
Boo Littlewood
Charlotte Emily Bond
Elisabeth Barker-Carley
Cabaret Chris
Steve Ward
Craig Sharman
Wayne Cooper
Oisin George
Tony Wadsworth
Dave The Rock Band
Andy Jones
Christopher Slater
Leigh Blount
Tracks and Field
The Bench that Rocked
Mr. Meaner
George Mitchell
Matt Humphries
Richard Clift

And special thanks to Matt Chubb without whom this whole thing would not have been possible. Awesome vocals and tireless behind the scenes promo work.

Get yourselves down to The Shed tomorrow night for a well deserved knees up