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Get Involved

Tuneicef is a collaboration between Leicestershire guitar teacher James Martin, his pupils (of all ages), and many local artists.  The project is now in its third year, and all proceeds go directly to UNICEF.  More information on the about page.

If you’d like to get involved, don’t hesitate!

Media & Promotion

We want you to tell the world about our project!

Are you a newspaper, magazine, blog, radio station or anything else that would like to help us?  We’re looking to promote the project to all corners of the globe and need your help.  Please contact us.



Are you a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer or any other kind of musician?  If you’d like to get involved then contact us!

You can donate a few notes, feature on one of our tracks, or donate one of your tracks to feature on the album where all proceeds go to UNICEF.




Don’t just leave it to the promoters, tell everyone you know about our Facebook page, the website, the project.

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When the album is released, buy a copy!  If you subscribe to the newsletter, we’ll tell you when it’s ready!!